Our Vision: A vibrant liberal religious community seeking to improve the world through justice, love, and truth.

We want to be your spiritual home

All who support our principles are welcome to join.

We have two levels of membership: Members and Friends

Members are entitled to vote on the business affairs of the congregation such as elections and budget adoption and to serve as leaders of the congregation as officers, directors, and chairs of committees and activities. Members may participate in any and all of the fellowship's meetings and activities. Members make a commitment to help support the fellowship financially at a level pledged annually by each individual or family.

Friends may participate in any and all of the fellowship's meetings and activities. Friends are invited to help support the fellowship financially at a level selected annually by each individual or family.

Pathways to membership

You must join in person.

You may join anytime you feel ready to make a commitment to the fellowship by asking the minister and he will direct you to the membership chair.

We recommend that you participate in a Pathways to Membership program either before you join or soon after. The program consists of three meetings after Sunday service. The program is held twice a year in the fall and spring. The program addresses three facets of membership:


What has been the spiritual journey that brings you to the fellowship? What does the minister believe? What do other fellowship members believe? What does the Unitarian Universalist denomination stand for? What does it mean to be responsible for discovering the truth and meaning of life for yourself?


What are the fellowship's programs and activities and who's involved in them? How can you participate? Do you have to participate?


What does that mean, "service is our law"? What are the service and financial responsibilities of membership?

If you feel comfortable with what you learn in the Pathways program, you may sign either the Members or the Friends book and then you are one of us.

Download more about the responsibilities of membership: Responsibilities of Membership.pdf

Benefits of membership

  • Acceptance
  • Friendship
  • Ideas and models for your spiritual development
  • Religious education for your children
  • Comrades in community service work
  • Support in life's transitions and storms
  • Subscription to UU World, the Unitarian Universalist Association's quarterly magazine.
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