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Economic & Environmental Justice

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Falmouth is concerned about economic and environmental justice. Rev. Bob Murphy offers the following comments to helpour congregation's concerns and its active involvement in community and national programs.

When we talk about environmental justice, we're talking about life itself. Because all people have the same basic needs. All of us, without exception, need clean air tobreathe, clean water to drink, and protection from toxics and hazardous conditions. We need an adequate supply of food and energy. All of the great religious traditions call attention to these human needs. In the Bible, there are repeated references to the importance of water and food. 

When Unitarian Universalists look at the world, we see two things. We see the interdependent web of all existence. We also seethe need to affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person. So, for a very long time, we've been active in anti-racism work, and we've worked for the empowerment ofwomen, and we've supported projects for economic justice. For environmental justice advocates, all of these things are very important. Everything connects.

Some people have a lot of food and water and fuel. Others struggle to pay for groceries and home heating and light. Some individuals will be fortunate if they have a blanket anda hot meal at the end of the day. Think about the people who get a double dose of pollution. They're exposed to toxics at work and in the neighborhoods where they live. LikeJesus of Nazareth, Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and other religious leaders, Unitarian Universalists are concerned about the poor and the ways in which they try to live in the world.

Henry Thoreau is one of the great heroes in the environmental justice movement. He was a field naturalist who visited Cape Cod and who lived at Walden Pond in Concord.However, Thoreau was more than a tree-hugger. He protested against the Mexican War, he respected the Native Americans, and he campaigned against slavery during theyears before the American Civil War. For Unitarian Universalists, environmental justice work starts with Henry's generation."

In 2011, Rev. Murphy became the first person to receive a national Sierra Club award for religious and human rights work.

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Falmouth is involved with a variety of projects that promote economic and environmental justice. Members support community gardening,energy conservation and fuel assistance programs, emergency services, and programs for protecting our region's drinking water supply. We are a Green Sanctuary congregation.


Have you been enjoying the great coffee and tea on Sunday and special occasions? We serve Fair Trade beverages at UUFF on a regular basis. We all owe a big THANK YOU to everyone who goes to Men's Breakfast as they have continued to cover the cost of all the coffee and tea for the meetinghouse programs!

We use Equal Exchange products when possible. In 1986, Equal Exchange was founded to challenge the existing trade model, which favors large plantations, agri-business, and multi-national corporations; to support small farmers; and connect consumers and producers through information, education, and the exchange of products in the marketplace.

Fair Trade is not a charity or handout; it is simply a process of giving a fair exchange. Fair Trade is a system of selling and distributing coffee grown by small farmers and small producers who are democratically organized. Equal Exchange and other fair trade distributors provide high-quality coffee at a fair price to you. By cutting out the middlemen, Equal Exchange pays the farmers more and gives you a better value.

Look for Coffee and Chocolate Sales after the church service.  The sales will be announced in Rainbow.  Julia Withers is the sales person for UUFF.  Contact her if you want to order a case of coffee or if you have special requests for chocolate.  The next sale will be in September 2016. 

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